3Com Wireless

User can configure the wireless settings on a 3com office connect, give a network name, and provide their router password and username using the list; wireless AP ANY, Admin, etc. Set up a secure wireless network with the 3com just by replacing the IP address of your router. 3com, officeconnect and 3com logo are registered trademark of 3com corporation. Our rendering service is networking, enterprise wired, wireless and data solutions to create superior, high performance, infrastructure services. Also provides network interface controller and switches, routers, wireless access and points; a software pc based equipment to provide shared services over a local.

Best Features for 3com Wireless
  • Office connect switches
  • Network Interface cards
  • High speed networking on demand
  • Usability and testing design allows a typical install in less time
  • Advanced security encryption solves the issue of encrypted products
  • Easy to set up and less cut installation costs

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